Bed Bugs Exterminators

Not all exterminators are created equal, especially when it comes to bed bugs. If you believe that you have bed bugs, it is essential that you not try to remedy the situation yourself. Attempting to treat bed linens and mattresses can be detrimental to your health.

It is best to consult a professional and have them come in to treat your home. However, it isn’t a good idea to just randomly select an exterminator. You want to find someone who knows what he or she is doing and is experienced in dealing with bed bugs. Exterminators who treat infestations of bed bugs need to have the know-how to take care of your problem quickly, safely and efficiently.


When you begin your search for an exterminator, start by asking the right questions. Ask about certifications, experience, and training that he or she may have obtained. Briefly explain your problem, that you believe you have bed bugs. Exterminators who are experienced in these types of pest problems will likely schedule a visit to check out the site and evaluate the level of infestation.

Ask questions to find out what the exterminator knows about bed bugs. They should have an understanding of the insects’ habits. They should see the life cycle, feeding habits and know what type of physical evidence to look for when surveying an area. If they ask you pointed questions such as do you see droplets of blood on your sheets in the morning and do you have small, red, possibly itchy spots on your body when you wake in the morning. These are indications of bed bugs, and good exterminators will know this. They will know to ask about these things.


Exterminators must carry specific certifications to apply pesticides. These regulations differ from state to state, so you need to know what certifications your state requires exterminators to carry. You want to make sure that the exterminator who handles your problem has the proper certifications, not only for your safety and the safety of your family but also because you want to ensure that he or she is fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle bed bug infestations.

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While experience is not necessarily mandatory as long as knowledge, education, and certifications are intact, it is indeed helpful. Bed bugs can be difficult to locate because they hide during the day, feeding only at night (in the early morning hours). An experienced exterminator will know where to look. He or she will be able to survey the area and identify potential daytime harborage areas of the bed bugs. At that point, pest management practices can be implemented.

First Visit

When an exterminator visits your home for the first time, he or she will likely want to take a look at the area first. Don’t be surprised or alarmed when they ask to see your bedroom or sleeping quarters. It is their job to locate the bed bugs, find out where they are hiding during the day and make sure that the problem is bed bugs. This will ensure that can treat the problem at its source.

Bed bugs can be a real problem, but if you find an exterminator who is knowledgeable, experienced and certified, you stand a good chance of eradicating those little pests. Choose wisely and ask the right questions. This is the best way to choose an exterminator who will rid your home of bed bugs safely and effectively.