Inspired Christmas Lights

The moment you decide to try the easiest way to decorate your home/garden this Christmas- using laser lights- is the first step in getting a big weight out of your shoulder. No more long cords tangling, no more plans about how to mix your Christmas lights, no more struggle to display all your lights- in a nice way, to say the least!

as the market already learned the customers are interested in using the laser Christmas lights, nowadays you find plenty of options and combinations, for a great range of prices. This takes you to the next step: choosing your Christmas laser lights.

Are all laser Christmas lights the same?

The obvious answer is a definite “NO” and this is a great thing, as it gives you the chance to find the combination that fits your needs and likings the best.

There are some features, tips to look for when you go shopping for laser Christmas lights.

For instance, good laser Christmas lights come with remote controls that offer all sorts of features and may be operated from over 50 feet away.  The remote controller lets you select the colors, use the strobe mode (have the colors flash on and off), turn on/off the lights from a distance or set a specific display. And, let’s not forget the interval time, which helps you set the laser to turn on/off at a specific pre-set hour interval.

Some lights feature even smart electronic thermostats in order to expand their life span.

If you are the type that likes variety and getting creative a lot, choosing some versatile laser Christmas lights that combine at least two or three colors is the best option.

Try also to look for the laser lights that have an entire metal construction and no plastic parts. This makes the lights not only safer, but also longer lasting and you won’t have to buy another lights any time soon.

Another thing you should always pay attention to is the safety on your laser Christmas lights. They should be safe to use around children, no matter the complexity of the display. The internal laser diodes have a safe operating temperature that prevents laser diode failure. And, the laser lights should work in environments with low temperatures (-4 F degrees, let’ say).

Try to get an eye for the replicas and look-a-like versions of the good laser Christmas lights. The real thing should have also good power adapters that means safer use for the laser lights. We’re not trying to be skeptical, but it’s wiser to stay away from lights made in…well, we all know who are we thinking about!

Before installing your new laser Christmas lights, you should check if they fit the standard wall outlet timer (typically they all do) and never connect it to a dimmer lighting switch.

If you are always dreaming at a “white Christmas”, keep in mind you need to pay the extra buck. The white laser lights are a bit more expensive as they need three separate lasers to combine at a specific frequency and project together through the same outlet. If you want to go for the brightest, keep in mind that nothing beats green.

Good laser Christmas lights feature a movement option nowadays and you can choose from Slow/fast or static display. The remote controller is there to help you do that.

As customers ask more from the manufacturers, the laser Christmas lights are not only for Christmas anymore and they may work also on Valentine’s Day or Fourth of July. Even though you might be paying more, it’s a better investment.

When it comes to neon sings , is the place to go !

Coming to the final tips

Even if you are every fond of your classical Christmas lights, it’s better not to use them together with the laser ones. Any other type of ambient lighting lowers the power of the laser lights and you bought it for the nicer display, remember?

Last, but not least, Waterproofness is another thing to look for on your laser Christmas lights. Some are IP65 rated and 100% sealed and waterproof. This doesn’t mean you can use them under water or that the connection between the power adapter and wall outlet or extension cord are waterproof. Get a “waterproof extension cord safety case” for the safest use.

And here’s a little Coldplay song for the season 🙂