Path Plans

My eyelids are heavy. Today was a very productive day, but equally tiresome. Funny how once I decided to quit my job and pursue writing, mysterious doors (and windows) began to open. I am eager to work with several amazing new projects. Hopefully, I’ll earn enough to help my husband pay the bills, while writing my book and blog.

I’ve had incredible experiences lately. During this process of  rewriting (the dull one where I leave my manuscript hidden beneath a rock), I opened my eyes to a new world. A world where for the first time I enjoy what I do, even if my chest pushes toward my spine when I think about money.

I am on what Marcia Wieder calls a Dream Quest; doing whatever makes my heart happy, and feels right. It’s incredible how all the things I yearn for involve other people. I will never forget the movie Into the Wild, because it gave me this quote: “Happiness is only real when shared.”

I wanted to write today, even if it’s late on this side of the world. Not as a chore, but as a reminder that I let go of comfort to achieve success. Maybe I won’t live in New York City this summer as I wanted, but I am definitely onto something here. Non-conformity. Aaaahhh… Can you feel it? Priceless.

I have been pondering for some time the idea of writing a blog.
Conversations inside my head:
Voice number 1 says: “You’re a writer. You should write a blog.”
Voice number 2 says: “No! That will take too much time off your book.”
Voice number 1 says: “Yeah, but! She needs to forget about her manuscript for a while and write other things.”
Voice number 3 says: “I’m tired. Shut up!”
Then there’s a voice number 4, and many other voices inside my head yapping, and it gets way too crowded in here.
*Scratches throat*
Finally! Hooray! I did it. ‘Tis here, my beloved worldly friends, the one space on the internet that is my own thanks to, and my credit card.
I will write about my trajectory as a writer, wife, and other “conditions” that clearly depict me as utterly insane.
Thank you for being a part of my journey. I wish you all my best and look forward to hearing from you soon.