Inspired mornings

Good morning, everyone. I am hunched in front of my computer, and have a really intense coffee breath, making it a great moment to write. I took several pictures a little earlier, to share with you my morning routine.

First things first. These are my essential morning items:

I don’t like this type of milk so much. “I love meself som’ good ol’ fresh cow milk! Argh!” *Twitches eye* The sugar tastes delicious though. I hope it’s organic. After watching Food Inc., I ended up sucking my thumb for a week while sleeping. And the coffee, well — it is Puertorrican coffee so, who can beat that? Even the Vatican chooses our scrumptious coffee, which I am totally aware that it is very bad rep at the present time. These three ingredients combined at a ridiculously high temperature create *fanfare* :

My perfect cup of coffee.

I also tried photographing my cats, whose cute whiskers and annoying scratch habits inspired one of the characters of my upcoming novel.
These are the pictures that came out:

Yes, my cats are deranged. This one insisted I cook her for dinner, since I’m not receiving any income right now, she fears for my health. Don’t worry PETA affiliates, I assured her we’re doing O.K., and she decided to live a long healthy life.

The following pictures are not a product of Photoshop. This is my backyard, and my beautiful Puertorrican sky.

I love mornings. Every day I wake up like a zombie, feed the cats, or brush my teeth and go to the bathroom (whichever I feel like doing first, depending if they are making crazy hunger noises). I brew fresh coffee, sit in front of the computer, and write. Occasionally, I go outside and look at the mountains in search of a little elf, or strange creature that might provide some sort of inspiration. So far, I’ve gotten a stray dog licking my fingernails, and birds chirping.  I love writing!

Do you have a sacred writing ritual, or routine?

Oh, I almost forgot. An awesome flower my aunt gave me yesterday… For you ^_^