Custom LeatherCraft 1614 23-Pocket/5-Piece Review

Custom LeatherCraft 1614 23-Pocket/5-Piece Comfortlift Combo System is the innovative tool belt with suspenders, which is made of the double polyester material, which provides light weight, durability and is ergonomic. The tool belt consists of 13 pockets and small sleeves, and six large-size pockets. The Custom LeatherCraft tool belt is an ideal solution for carrying the tool, which allows the hands to be free and the back not to be so tired in the end of the day. This model is popular among different installation workers, repair workers, electricians and some other contractors. The suspenders are decreasing the weight pressure in the hip area, which most of the belts provide if they are used without suspenders. They are easily adjusted and provide comfort during the work.

There are two special hammer holders and the clip for the measure tape. The pockets are designed in the way that they provide the best access to all needed items, combining it with secure storage. There are special spaces available for keeping safely the measuring squares for carpenters, L-type measuring squares and the so-called combination squares. The open pockets webbing is reinforced which allows to use easily all the frequently needed tools and instruments and provides additional solidity for the tool belt.

The suspenders of the Custom LeatherCraft Comfortlift Combo System are specially padded which provides comfort and decrease the tension and pressure. They provide the equal spreading of the weight and allow you to work longer and more effectively.

You can also store in this belt a very small items like knifes or pencils, using one of 13 pockets. The points of the maximum stress and tension are protected with extra clipping. Visit damntools blog to know more info about tool belts and other instruments.

The pouches are kept safe and still due to the doubled padding and the heavy duty type of the webbing belt. Custom LeatherCraft Tool Belt is supplied with the patented handles fixed in the top area of the both pouches, which enables to easily carry and transport all the tools and instruments. This model is really classical looking one and it may easily fit different sizes of the waist – from 30 to 46 inches wide. Due to the modern type of materials used this tool belt is very light, its weight is around 5 pounds.

Custom LeatherCraft Comfortlift Combo System Features

  • Manufactured of 2x layered 600D polyester material
  • Absolutely flexible, padded suspenders designed to hold and dispense weight consistently without strain on lower back and hips
  • Easy Carry Handle design provides for simple adjustments and simple storage with no spilling items
  • Recently created Sta-Open main pouches are tapered for a lot quicker access to tools
  • Customized pocket for combination square or L-rulers

Custom LeatherCraft Comfortlift Combo System Reviews

There are also sleeves on the belt for the pry-bars. The Custom LeatherCraft Combo System may be produced both for left and right handed workers. You may separately order the bags and adjust it yourself or make your own combination of pouches and bags using as many as you may need.

There is enough space for all the necessary hardware and all the instruments like screw drivers will be very well organized, still leaving enough space for storage of all needed things of different size. The little slots are very good for keeping the small things like pencils or any attachments for the instruments.