What are the Best Running Watches?

Whether you are a competitive marathon runner or a if you are just getting started, a running watch can be a great tool. There are many different types of watches that can be used for running. The different types vary from a basic watch to tell the time, a GPS watch, or a watch that will even tell you your heart rate. Different watches can also vary in size and also in price. Finding the best watch mostly depends on your personal preferences. I have done my best to create a interactive list of all the best watches on the market.

Top 5 Running Watches

I have done here my top 5 favorite running watch review. Let’s see…

Nike+ Sports Watch Powered by TomTom

I own a Nike+ Sports Watch. There are many different things that I really like about this watch. First of all, I really wanted a GPS watch to track my exact distance. The thing I didn’t like about most GPS watches is the size and style of the watch. The thing I really like about my watch is that it is much smaller than most of the other GPS watches on the market and I think it looks better. It does a great job of tracking my distance and I think that it gets the job done. I also really like the online tracking software that Nike offers. That being said. There are a few things about the watch that I don’t like. It takes a long time for the GPS to connect to the satellites. I have never owned another GPS watch, so I don’t know if this is just a problem with this watch or if it is a problem with most GPS watches. I do like that the watch also uses the Nike Shoe Pod. This allows me to start tracking my distance without having to wait for the satellites to connect. I also don’t like that the watch doesn’t track my change in altitude. Other than that I think it is a great watch and I would recommend buying it.

60 lap memory on the casio watchCasio STR 300

The Casio STR 300 is one of the most reliable and useful standard running watches available. Casio is a well established brand that has been producing running watches for many years. This watch has all of the features that you need to improve your running. If you are looking for a reliable running watch at a very affordable price than this is seriously the watch for you. If you calculate your pace and run at a accurate pace, this watch can even be used to track distance. The Casio STR 300 has a 60 lap memory allowing you to go back and look at your run history.

Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS-Enabled Sport Watch

This is by far one of the most advanced running watches on the market. One of the most popular features of the 910XT is the ability to track pace, speed, and distance for swimming, cycling, and running. The Forerunner 910XT allows the user to seamlessly transition between sports without mission a beat. This watch is water proof up to 50 Meters and is by far the best watch for triathletes. The 910XT also features a whopping 20 hours of battery life, a battery life that is much longer than all of the competition. Anything that you have ever wanted to accomplish with a running watch can be done with the 910XT. The only draw back is the price.

Great watchesTimex T5K086

The Timex T5K086 is another one of the best standard running watches on the market. It is known for it’s durability and it’s functionality. The T5K086 comes with a resin strap designed to withstand  the wear and tear of an active lifestyle. The resin strap will allow you to enjoy countless workouts through rain, wind, or snow. Timex has not only created a durable watch but they have created a useful watch for runners of all levels. This watch Features a 24-hour stopwatch and 24-hour chronograph that will help you to improve your pace and speed. For such great quality at such a low price you can’t go wrong.

Timex Marathon GPS Watch Timex marathon gps running watch

The Timex Marathon GPS Watch is the most affordable GPS running watch on the market. If you are looking for a GPS watch for a great low price then this is the watch for you. The Marathon GPS does not come with all of the bells and whistles but it gets the job done. This watch uses utilizes advanced GPS technology powered by SiRFstarIV. For a low price you are getting very reliable and fast GPS connectivity. This watch has 30-workout memory with 100 laps per workout. One drawback to the Timex Marathon is that you are unable to upload your run data to some sort of software so once the memory is full you start losing data for some of your older runs. This watch also comes in multiple stylish colors.

Types of Watches

Standard Watches:watch-2104779_960_720

These watches usually are just a light weight watch that serves the basic function of telling time. Most also have a stop watch that will keep track of laps. Some have other standard features such as alarm, count down timer, and memory.

Distance Tracking Watches:

Distance tracking watches help a runner to calculate their distance and pace. Most watches track distance by using GPS. Some track distance by using a pedometer or shoe pod. Some of these watches tend to be used by more advanced runners. GPS watches do a great job and tracking exact distance and pace. Some also calculate altitude change. More advanced features come with more expensive watches. Some watches also will monitor heart rate. While these watches come with many awesome features, they tend to also be quite bulky in size.

What Kind of Watch is Right for You?

The answer to this question mostly depends on what you are looking for. I have included lists below of the standard features for both types of watch. Check out the lists and see what each type offers. Hopefully it will help you decide what watch is right for you.

  • Standard Watch
  • Stop watch
  • Laps
  • Timer
  • Usually water proof
  • Usually light weight and small
  • Not too expensive
  • Distance Tracking Watch
  • Tracks exact distance
  • Timer
  • Stop watch
  • Laps
  • Usually water proof
  • Generally more bulky
  • Generally more expensive

Basically, this is what it comes down to, if you don’t care about tracking your distance, you will be better off getting a standard watch. If you do care about tracking your distance, and you don’t mind spending more money and wearing a bulky watch, then a distance tracking watch is a great option for you.

What are the Benefits of Using a Running Watch?

There are many benefits in using a running watch. Depending on the type of running that you do, these benefits can be greater or smaller. One of the best benefits to a running watch is the ability to track and improve your pace. A runners pace can either make or break a race or even a daily run. Both standard and GPS watches can dramatically help to improve your pace. One of the best benefits of a GPS watch is the ability to track advanced metrics such as distance, elevation gained and lost, pace, average pace, estimated calories burned, and more. Many GPS watches come with software that will allow you to upload your run data and analyze it on your computer. It is hard to say what the best benefit is to having a running watch. It mostly just depends on the type of running that you will be doing. If you plan on running long distances multiple times per week than it would probably be best to get a GPS watch. GPS watches are especially useful when running around town or on trails because they track the distance for you. If you are going to be doing most of your running on a track than a standard watch may be the best option for you. You can keep track of your pace and distance by using the stopwatch and lap functions of the watch.